Intestinal and Pelvic Adhesions

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Intestinal And Pelvic Adhesions

Enterolysis – Adhesiolysis  (Laparoscopic)

Adhesions are usually comprised of scar tissues caused by previous surgery or other diseases. According to the location and organs that they affect symptoms may vary. In women intestinal and pelvic adhesions are not that uncommon and often times are the cause of abdominal and pelvic pain, gastrointestinal symptoms, painful intercourse ( dyspareunia) , voiding complaints and infertility. Adhesiolysisis the surgical removal or separation of adhesions. The use of minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques and adhesion barriers during adhesiolysis can minimize blood loss and complications. Laparoscopic enterolysis is a minimally invasive procedure that unblocks the small bowel by excising the adhesions.